About David


Welcome to my home site. This is where I plan to post various thoughts and resources that have made me think about my life as a parent and teacher.

I am a British-South African living and working in Hong Kong. I am married to a beautiful woman, and we have two amazing, intelligent, determined young children (aged 5 yrs and nearly 2, as I write this). I am a teacher at an international school, here in Hong Kong, and as an educator, I am immensely interested in modern trends in education. I am especially interested in shifts in curriculum thinking (enjoying the move from content to concept based teaching) and technology integration (with tech as a tool, not a target). I teach Integrated Humanities (with an emphasis on Geography), Economics and Computer Science.

The majority of my blog posts are likely to address these, and related concepts, but please bear with me as I occasionally comment on issues from around the world, or brag about my family!

I hope you enjoy this!